Free as a bird sun catcher

Stained glass flying bird logo

One of my recent commissions involved a special birthday present for a London-based counsellor. The sun catcher features an abstract bird in flight with beautiful vibrant colours, which happens to be the logo for her business.

Your true freedom

Logos can work beautifully well in stained glass, either to go above a front door or as a special feature in an office, shop or home.

The process involved selecting colours with the client and inserting the logo design into a circular ‘wind feature’ with swirling glass to give the effect of the bird flying through the air. The circle added extra strength to the piece (the right wing would have been too delicate otherwise).

Here are a few pictures of the making process, including cutting the glass and copper foiling each piece.

Flying free - the making ofFlying free copper foiled bird

Bird flying free

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