Set of 4 woodland animal Christmas tree decorations / ornaments. Badger, fox, barn owl, hedgehog

New Christmas collection 2020

My new collection of stained glass Christmas tree decorations is now ready!

This year all my pieces have been hand-painted and fired in the kiln, made either with streaky stained glass or ‘Tatra’ glass which allows plenty of coloured light through from your Christmas tree lights.

My favourite pieces are a collection of eight British woodland animals including a hare, badger, barn owl, fox, harvest mouse, fallow deer, red squirrel and hedgehog. I think they’re rather cute (!) and evoke feelings of cosiness (many of the designs feature the animals curled up asleep) and celebrate the start of the winter season in the Devon countryside.

Set of 3 stained glass Christmas star tree decorations

Other Christmas tree decorations include a set of candles, holly, stars and Christmas trees with a geometric abstract pattern, all hand painted on brightly coloured stained glass.

For an exotic, alternative Christmas I’ve also designed some red and green chilli pepper Christmas tree decorations for those chilli lovers out there! Set of 4 red & green stained glass chilli peppers

I hope you enjoy browsing through this year’s Christmas items. I  make all pieces to order in 1 – 2 weeks, so if you’d like to purchase any please visit my shop and place your order by 9th December at the latest if you’d like them in time for Christmas!


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