Three stained glass rainbows

The era of rainbows

One of the most uplifting and creative movements in 2020 amongst all the sadness and angst is the ‘The rainbow campaign’. People all around the world have been putting up rainbows for everyone else to see to help people get through social distancing and loneliness,  sending out a message saying ‘everything will be OK’.

Before it all kicked off in March 2020 I had made a stained glass rainbow emerging from clouds for my 6 month old daughter’s nursery. I hand painted her name on one of the red strands to add a personal touch to her rainbow.

Stained glass sun catcher of rainbow and cloud on window

Since then I’ve had requests from people wanting some uplifting nursery rainbow pieces for their own babies and young children’s bedrooms. I managed to get hold of some non-lead solder as a safety precaution too.

The rainbow and cloud sun catches serve a dual purpose, sending out a re-assuring and uniting message on their windows to neighbours and passers-by.

I’d like to take a personal thanks to all who have helped us through this difficult time – in particular NHS and key workers – who have selflessly been battling the pandemic for the benefit of us all.

I’ve been able to self isolate at home and have found solace in my workshop – rainbow making, as it turns out, can bring one a great deal of comfort.

Three stained glass rainbows in studio


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